Quitting Juuling

Hey all,

I’ve been on a path to better myself, from getting sober to going back to school to ditching my toxic friends, I have done a lot to improve my life since I quit heroin on June 4th 2016. One habit I am trying to kick now is my juuling habit. I used juul to quit smoking cigarettes and I do think my lungs work better, I am unsure of the long term effects of my juuling on my lungs, heart, and body in general. I have been juuling for a little over a year. I unfortunately use mg juul at pretty much every opportunity. If I wake up at night and cant sleep, I juul. As soon as I wake up in the morning it is the first thing I reach for. Everyday has been like this. I go through two pods in a day easily.

My current girlfriend has been so helpful in my self improvement and has been pushing me to become better everyday. To list the things she has helped me with would take too long. Perhaps I will include them in another post.

Anyway, my juuling has not impacted my health so far as I know. It may impact my lungs but since I came from smoking cigarettes to juuling I’ve only noticed an increase in my lung capacity. That’s the thing- I don’t really have any negative effects from my juul. The only reason I want to stop is that I dont want to be dependent on something to manage my anxiety. I want to get my self power back.

I also know that there are no long term health studies available, so I’m not really sure how all my juuling will affect my health down the line. However, I can mitigate the negative effects by stopping juuling now.

I am so dependent on it that it will be difficult, but I think I will be good for me in the long term. Wish me luck my friends, for this is something that is going to be hard but good. I will report back my progress. Have a blessed day guys.


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