The 5 Best Thing About Being Sober

Becoming sober can feel like a drag, it is an extremely difficult thing to wrap your mind around. It involves a complete life change. It is difficult to get excited about quitting your drug of choice, but here are a few things to look forward to once you commit to stopping using!


  1. More Time- You normally spend an enormous amount of time searching for, using and thinking about your drug of choice. For me, I had a ridiculous amount of empty time that I needed filled, and it forced me to take up old hobbies. It allowed me to reconnect with friends I had forgotten. Once you learn how to fill your time up with something that is not drugs, you will love having your free time.
  2. Sleep!- I was dependent on heroin to go to sleep, and to wake up. I would wake up, and instantly go to my bags. I was run down, tired, and unhealthy. The sleep I would get was low quality and broken. Now I go to bed early, feel refreshed in the morning, and am able to look forward to the day.
  3. Losing Friends- This may not seem like a good thing, but for the most part, the people with whom you’ve used are not looking out for your best self-interests. In fact they are most likely selfish and a drain on you. I know I realized that I have some narcissistic friends who would gladly put me down to build themselves up. The only thing we had in common was we liked drugs. Now that I have cut them from my life, I realize how much your close friends impact your mental state.
  4. Having money-Now that I don’t use all my money for heroin, I am able to actually save money and spend it on things that will better me as a person. I am able to not be ashamed by my bank account and I never get charged for having negative dollars in my account!
  5. Being emotionally present- I know that I sabotaged a few friendships and relationships because I was out of touch with my emotions. I just didn’t know that it was me, I always thought it was the other person. Now, when I feel emotions I don’t have to reach for a bottle, or a bag, I can just sit and be present with my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is painful, but at least it is real.

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of all the things that get better once you’ve gotten sober, but it is just a few that I have noticed and I’m happy to say I’ve experienced. Feel free to share some things that you’ve noticed has changed since you’ve gotten sober. Peace and love!

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